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Want to be a part of the TCMA crew? We are looking for people to help us collect and write content for this website. If you are interested, send an email to webmaster@tricitymusic.net.

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About the Project

This website has been built to serve as a visual history of underground and independent music from the Tri-Cities, Washington. The first stage of the project—collecting, scanning, and archiving local show flyers, and flyers featuring local bands—is underway. In order to make the archive as complete as possible, we encourage anyone with flyers that have not already been added to the archive to submit their scans and/or contact us to arrange to have them scanned by the project. The more participation we can get, the better the project will be. We sincerely appreciate those of you who have already contributed.

Phase Two is Underway!

We are definitely in phase two of this project. The flyer archive has been a huge success, and we currently have over 400 flyers in our searchable archive. We have also added a load of new features - photos, an mp3 blog, and a message bloard. You also now have the ability to leave comments on the flyers and the tracks featured in the mp3 blog. We still have more to come too...we are currently gathering and scanning some old local 'zines, album artwork, and even digitizing some old videotapes.

As always, check back often as we are always updating, enjoy and participate in the message boards, and keep sending us your flyers/photos/music/whatever. You guys have really made this project a success!

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