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TCMA Flyer Archive

The TCMA flyer archive was the original concept behind the TCMA. Flyers for local punk and indie shows have always had a unique and striking aesthetic that complimented the amazing music from the Tri-Cities, WA area. We felt it was important to capture as many as possible in one place to present a broader picture of the underground arts and entertainment scene that has thrived for over 20 years.

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We have added a feature to the flyers section that allows anyone to leave a comment on flyers. Share a good memory from the show, or just let us know you were there!

We have really enjoyed seeing and hearing the community react to this collection, and we encourage others to enjoy and participate in the project. As always, please contact us with any flyers missing from the collection.

Stats to Date

Currently 468 flyers, 576 bands, and 56 venues in the archive.