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Drew Blood Productions Presents

Comments (2)

Out of Town | 1985-08-22


I was at this show... It was a fun show! I stole 2 two litre bottles of California Coolers and a couple six packs from my Dad before we left for the show. Henry Rollins was all fired up for some reason or another. Andy Monko was right up in front of the stage and Henry swung his mic around and smacked Andy in the nose. I kept falling down trying to slam dance in some boots I should not have been wearing. After the show there was a party at some house where the people were moving out so the house got trashed and everybody wasted. They were throwing all kinds of shit out of the second story window just for the hell of it.

Posted By Jeff Marcum | 2008-02-07 02:14:27

This is a famous show. Henry writes about this show in one of his books, where there was a jackass sitting on a speaker column shouting things to him, so he throws a microphone at him and hits the guy on the head. That guy was Andy Monko. Andy started Bowling for Humans Productions and was also the very first singer for Diddly Squat. Andy now is the creator of www.resonancemag.com a really cool music magazine...

Posted By John Reed | 2006-01-12 11:22:32