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Central Church | 2004-05-28


This was Aud Fauce's first official show with our own music, and we just released our album Trying Muto, so we were sure to set it up as soon as possible. We didn't have another band to open for us though, so we put "Tone Chamber" on the flyer as sort of a joke (we always thought that Tone Chamber sounded like a good name for some nu metal group). But then we figured we should probably do SOMETHING as an opening act, so we dressed up in ganster clothes and performed a rap song we wrote as "Tone Chamber" a few minutes before Aud Fauce took the stage. The crowd enjoyed it very much, and it was a $2 show, so they couldn't have felt THAT ripped off.

Posted By Alan Gephart | 2006-01-11 22:41:03