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Comments (2)

VFW Hall | 1991-09-21


So cool to find this. I remember making these. Really good times. The stage was sooooo small. I thought it was cool that people were waiting in line to get in.

Posted By Jeff | 2011-06-07 20:55:14

This is old school, man. We collected donations at school to pay for this show, and Steven from No Reason wore a gas mask and sang through it for the opening set. Misunderstood's drummer Joe had just gotten out of jail for this show and we all ate pizza together before we played. I think our most popular song that night was "Stop" by Jane's Addiction, it wasn't even our song, ha ha!

Posted By Howie (Discontent, Insight, As One, Soulstain) | 2008-06-24 18:30:40