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Comments (5)

VFW Hall | 1991-07-27


i remember the cops came and tried to shut it down one cop pulled the cord right out of my bass" matt t bass player after billy in DNC"

Posted By matt tompkins | 2006-11-07 01:50:18

Dave Kelley from DNC made this flier

Posted By Chad Barnes | 2006-09-02 15:56:16

I don't think you could have fit another person in the VFW for this show. I though I was going to die.

Posted By Tim Leingang | 2006-01-06 00:50:41

yeah me too

Posted By josh | 2006-01-04 21:57:16

I had no idea until someone sent me this flyer that Mudhoney ever played here. With Seaweed nonetheless. I really wish I could have seen this show.

Posted By Beans | 2006-01-02 03:03:23