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Comments (4)

VFW Hall | 1991-07-27


One phrase captured it all, Super Fuzz Big Muff...800+ crazed fans including members of the Screaming Trees and Dinosaur Jr. came down just to watch the show. Hundreds of people who couldnt get in partied in the parking lot and shuffled in as people passed out from the heat inside. This was the perfect night, and scene to experience it all. Seaweed was excellent, Small was tight, DNC was heavy.
PS, Mark Arm graciously agreed to use the single ply.

Posted By sean hayter | 2008-04-10 03:10:44

That was my first show ever playing bass in a band i took billy hughs spot in DNC.
wow crazy "remember MAYBE DAYS"

Posted By matt tompkins | 2006-11-07 01:13:42

Great show. Hot, sweaty and loud...one of the best shows I've seen locally. Yeah, the toilet paper thing is true. If memory serves...Mud Honey refused to play unless they had scented 2ply toilet paper and bottled spring water (Avian I think). Too funny...

Posted By Mike Novakovich | 2006-09-22 10:48:01

I recall this show pretty well. I actually didn't get to go to it but I remember hearing from friends that ran the show that Mark Arm (I think that's the lead singer's name) refused to play the show until someone went out and bought him 2-ply toilet paper.

And who can forget Black Label C.D.'s? I guess a better question would be who can remember Black Label C.D.'s?

I do...

Posted By Chris Baugh | 2006-09-18 20:01:23