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Spydial - "Triple-City Fast Fever"  
From Kool Kids Tell Kool Lies... (1995)

One of the crowd favorites from the mid-90's, Spydial brought an enery and style to the stage that can simply be defined as "cool". Anthony Bright's strong (if not unintelligible) vocals, and distinctive moves made Spydial shows a cant-miss. Rounding out the band were Dean Smith on bass, Mike Pepin-Donat on guitar, and Jerome Cruzen on drums.


Posted by Beans

The mark left behind by Spydial and some of the bands who emerged previous still lasts. I don't suppose anyone knows of remastered material. My original tapes were played till they turned to dust.

Posted By ddogmatic | 2006-09-03 12:23:41

Spydial was loved by some. Hated by others. They were rarely ignored.

Posted By Brandon | 2006-08-13 17:56:32