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Diddly Squat

Diddly Squat - "Squat Theme"  
From Bowling for Humans (1985)

Diddly Squat was the first punk band in the Tri-city area. Formed in 84 they started out playing U2 covers but quickly went on to cover such bands as The Butthole Surfers, Dead Kenndys, Raw Power, and lots more. In 85 they wrote the "Squat Theme" and "Cows and Beer" and started playing them at shows and recorded them for the "Bowling for Humans" compilation tape. In 86 they released "Peroxide in the Scablands" tape and then in 87 they recorded and released a self titled tape and 7" on Kil-tel records.

Diddly Squat broke up in 88, and on the day of their last show gutarist Jason Cobb drowned while swimming with friends. F.O.D. still played that night (in tribute to Jason). The other members of Diddly Squat went on to play in other bands like, The Brotherhood, Christ on a Crutch, Asprin Feast, State of Confusion, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Treepeople, Foo Fighters and others.


Posted by Beans

Whatever happened to Mike Fisher

Posted By Jill | 2006-07-14 14:20:20