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Small - "The Rain"  
From Finished One (1992)

One of the most influential bands to come from the Tri-Cities, Small was always a crowd favorite. Formed in 1991, Small included Jon Boetes on vocals, Craig Woodall and Kris Boisoneau on guitar, Billy Hughes on bass, and Jim Acquavella on drums. They played a uniue style of fast-paced punk with strong, melodic vocals. Small went on to change members and its name to The Ladybird Unition in 1994, another outstanding Tri-Cities band.


Posted by Beans

The first time a witnessed small live was when they played with the screaming trees at the fairgrounds. they opened up with an instramental that had me hooked. I rarely missed a small show after that. The rain was always my favorite part of their set. Jim on drums was just plain mesmerizing. Not to mention they had the best singer to ever come out of the tricity music scene.

Posted By Brandon | 2006-08-13 18:06:18

Small was THE best band to come from the Tri Cities during my time. At every show you would hope that Small would play and every show they did play was absolutly packed. Listening to them even now brings back some of the best memories I have. Lots of good friends and tons of good times. I personally miss Small very much and my children know their music vey well.

Posted By Niki | 2006-05-10 12:40:25

I couldn't agree more. The songs still hold up even 12 years later. Definitely a defining album of the TC underground music scene.

Posted By Beans | 2006-01-26 22:52:12

This is one of the finest albums to never get its rightful exposure (here or anywhere), not only because of the unique and innovative style of music that it possessed, but also because of the pure talent of the artists that put it together. Small was anything but small, but rather too large to be contained by an area such as the Tri-Cities. Past and present kids should be very proud of being linked to a truly "one in a million" band that had a sound that will never be replicated. Descriptors: Cutting Edge, Ground Breaking, Undeniable

Posted By Savage Sun | 2006-01-26 01:21:56