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Mu Meson

Mu Meson - "Trudy Ripley"  
From (Untitled Blue Album) (2005)

While steel guitar and synthesizer don't exactly come to mind when describing Tri-Cities rock'n'roll, these instruments are just a small part of the instrumental arsenal that is Mu Meson. But these guys know how to play, and play well. Songwriter and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Kris Welsch tends to experiment with different styles and genres, but always produces a sound that is distinctly his own. Rounding out the band are Brian Shaw on guitar/lap steel/keyboards, Joel Watrous on bass/piano, and Aaron Cramer on drums.

This track, "Trudy Ripley", has an almost fable-like plot, telling the story of a girl who traumatizes her family because of her love for make believe. This song and many others will be available on Mu's upcoming release of 3 full-length CDs at their December 17th concert at Battelle Auditorium in Richland. Learn more at www.mu-meson.net.


Posted by Beans